Thursday 21 August 2014

Dog's Day Afternoon.

IMG_9256Sometimes, you have a really rockin' outfit going on. You've got the leopard slip-ons, you've got buffalo plaid, you've got some coated jeans and you really would like to document this rockin' outfit. Especially at a place with a view like this one, aka Casa de Stuchberry:

_MG_9261But then sometimes, big cuddly bear dogs don't care what you got going on, they want some attention and damnit, they're going to get it. So, this one is for you, boys. 
_MG_9270IMG_9298IMG_9295IMG_9291After a truly wonderful evening of takeout burgers on the deck, dumping ourselves with ice water for ALS, chilly giggles that followed and one particularly chilly "fuuuuuuck" that for once was not coming out of me, plus a reeeally long shower to regain feelings in my toes, we made our lazy way back to homebase. Now, one of my long time dreams is to hug a bear. I love bears. LOVE. One day, I will hug my freaking bear. For now I will settle for these cuddle monsters. But last night, just to make sure it really ended on a perfect note, we saw the most beautiful black bear going down the driveway. We saw some of Bambi's family too, but I have no desire to hug any of them, so..  _MG_9307Summer, as much as I hate your nasty heat, evenings like this make me sad you're going to be leaving us so soon. 

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