Thursday 30 October 2014

Last Minute Costumes

Halloween is here! The time of year to eat 13 mini candy bars and feel little to no guilt for it (But they're mini! No way does eating multiple mini oh henry's add up to more than a regular sized one! CALORIES DON'T COUNT ON HALLOWEEEN), to watch scary movies and be scared of black cats, to carve pumpkins with either the artistic flair you've had your whole life, or like in my case, the reminder of why you're not allowed to be left to your own devices with sharp objects. aveseyebrows! and my cute as a button neice.
I can't say I've ever been into the "sexy" halloween costumes, not so much for the fact that I judge them - although some of them totally deserve it, sexy Olaf - my thing is I really detest being cold. Sadly, the lingerie & animal ears costumes never appealed to the fact I get mega bitchy when I'm cold. Who wants to party with a sexy mouse that's a tad bitchy too? No one. This year I am beyond excited for my Halloween costume, especially since Jake asked what he was going to be with me, without me asking him to. God he's a winner. Bambi & The Hunter. I saw the makeup tutorial and was so into it, I knew it was the one. Also, my costume probably can't be beat. I get to wear leggings, fur scarves, vests and boots. Fist Pump.  I'll be sure to post pictures of it up on instagram, apparently I thought I was being very unique this year until I saw 1001 tutorials on how to do fawn makeup.. But it's not often that I know what I'm being very far in advance, in fact last year my costume went to shit (Coachella Hippy) since it was freezing and none of my original costume fit me anymore, so I had to get creative fast, and on the cheap.. I present to you:

Regina George.

meangirlsA good mean girls tribute? Obviously needs to happen. I'm also a lover of puns, so here is my short & sweet list of easy, cheap and fast last minute costumes for when you get invited to a party last minute, or your well planned out costume shits the bed:

  1. Facebook: Write "Book", on your face. Thank you, Jim Halpert

  2. One night stand: Make a nightstand out of a cardboard box and wear it as a top, and wear a lamp shade on your head; bonus if you glue items to the top of it .

  3. Scarecrow: Plaid, jeans & Boots, hat with straw bits poking out and paint your face to look like stitches.

  4. Ceiling Fan : tape or write "Go Ceiling!" on your shirt and buy cheap pom-poms

  5. Risky Business: White button up, white tennis socks, ray-bans and boxers.

  6. Iron Chef: Hold an iron and buy a chef's hat.

  7. 50 shades of grey (boys): Wear a suit, go to a paint store and tape a bunch of gray swatches to you.

  8. Cereal Killer: box of cereal, knife stabbing the box.

  9. Blessing in Disguise: okay best for last because this made me laugh. Get a pair of those mustache glasses, and tape a sign to your shirt that says "Bless you!"

There you have it, my cheap, easy and silly list of what to be when you have a Halloween brain fart. And since we're loving the puns (Just me? Don't Care.), here is a joke to leave you:

Why did the cookie go to the hospital? ..... He was feelin' crumby.

Seriously, I can't get enough of these.

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