Friday 31 October 2014

save vs. splurge


The internet can be such a great place for finding information. From how to style a lob, what to make for dinner when your fridge consists of wine, tomatoes and chicken; to if that mole is really fine, or if you're next for melanoma. It also has pictures of puppies to last you for life.

But what the internet is also really great for, is inconsistent advice and often clashing opinions about what are "must-haves". Take for example, the most blogged about topic (guilty), "The top 10 items to own".. Everyone's list is different! I can't get enough of my black or grey jeans, while some people hate jeans all together. My point is, while we may not all be able to settle on what particular items we should be spending our hard earned dollars on, one thing we can all decide on for the most part, is what to save on and what to splurge for. For me, a "splurge" item is generally something I've purchased the cheaper version of, and worn it out. Meaning, I know it is a "sure thing" when it comes to my wardrobe, and there isn't as much risk involved that I'm going to drop major dough on a piece that's going to collect dust once it comes home with me. I have purchased probably 3 pairs of cheapo black jeans, only to wear them out, fade the color away and lose their shape. So when I can afford it, that will be a splurge item for me, since I know that I will get a ton of wear out of them, and I also very much believe that expensive denim is worth the investment, especially from brands like rag & bone, citizens of humanity and seven for all mankind. They last, and they earn back every little penny spent. Also a splurge item? Looser white tees. I wear them all the time, and when they're made well, they don't pill as fast and tend to stay softer for longer. Ditto with black sweaters. Now, I'm a minimalist dresser, I stick to the neutral side of things; for me, splurging on a really crazy print top or pair of pants just wouldn't be justifiable to me, I wouldn't get enough wear out of them. But for you, it just may be. That's the beauty of personal style; my normal may be your boring, and you're normal may be way too far out of my comfort box. So that is my advice when you're having the internal "Oh this is a great top at Aritzia, but Target has one just like it" battle. For a quick reference, here are a few tips:

  1. Quick! While you're still in the store, make 3 outfits using this piece.

  2. How many different occasions can it be used for? Ie, casual, fancy, work, etc?

  3. If the item was double it's price, would you still buy it?

  4. Is it an overly trendy piece? Will it last a few good seasons?

Also, when it comes to accessories I have the same theory: I wear stud earrings everyday, therefore want to spend more on them to avoid ear discomfort from cheap metals. Dainty necklaces that have personal meaning (be it with initials, charms, etc.) should last longer than a few months without tarnishing. Watches are also a timeless piece that should last decades, so spending a bit more on a beautiful gold watch is more than worth it in my books. Big statement, cocktail pieces however? Save. As beautiful as they are, they're not for everyday and they're not worth the investment, as much.

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