Monday 3 November 2014

Halloween & My iPhone are enemies.

How was everyone's Halloween? What did everyone go as? I, apparently like every 3rd girl within a 120 mile radius, was a deer. I thought of this costume/makeup a month ago and thought I was being SO original.. Yeah, apparently not so much. Oh well, the makeup was beyond fun to do, and I was able to wear faux fur and leggings, can't beat that.. ever. Almost every drunk person thought I was a cat.. or a fox.. or some other woodland creature, but since my boyfriend was dressed as a hunter, it really worked no matter what they thought I was. The amount of times I heard "hey, haha, hey what does the fox say!?" throughout the night though never got old. Never ever. dear dearhunter Guess who hates selfies? This guy.. Too bad for him, since he's in love with the selfie queen. Muahahahaphoto 3 The look of sympathy ^^.. Especially since I make him take it -he's got longer arms, after all. couplesHe humors me so well. Plus he got to wear glorified sweatpants and a tee, who doesn't love a comfy costume?

Now, on to who did not enjoy Halloween: My phone. Last Halloween there was "an incident" we'll call it (aka, ladies watch your drinks), and my phone ended up not making it to the end of the incident. So I bought this one to replace it. Well, coming out of the pub I dropped it (clearly), on it's back. How many times I've dropped this thing with not even a scratch to show for it, but this time it just poof! Spidered all to shit. I've taken this as a sign that next Halloween, I will either leave my phone at home (HAH! Again, see above. Selfie QUEEN), or I will stay at home in sweats, with a bottle of wine and chocolate purchased for the non-existent trick or treaters I get.. The last 3 years I've had not even a single bunny or angel or witch in sight, so clearly a Costco sized box of chocolates will be needed. Butterfinger's go really well with Riesling, so I've heard.

Side note, the guy who fixed the screen of my phone, looks at it and goes "Yeah, this is why I don't drink." Let me just say, my wallet, pounding headache and slight hangover did not find that very funny.

photo 5This is why I can't have nice things.

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