Tuesday 9 December 2014

Hits & Misses

I am a big product junkie. You know how some people emotionally eat? Well, I emotionally go buy products. Make-up, hair products, lotions, you name it. I mean, I'm not going to say no to a chunk of chocolate if I'm feeling a little sensitive, but for the most part I'm making a trip to target or shoppers to console myself. Because of this, I have made many poor shotgun choices that I never end up using again or that just suuck, but I also have made some insane HG* discoveries. It's been quite some time since I've done a hits & misses post, so here we go, as told to you through GIFs and wordiness.

Hits:so exciiited

  1. TooFaced Beauty Wishes & Sweet Kisses palette. I am a big fan of highlighting & contouring on the daily, so this palette was a major score. The bronzer is very matte (and smells like chocolate), while the Sun Bunny highlighter has been something I've used since my sister bought me my first one 7-8 years ago. The lipgloss included smells like cloves and is a perfect nude, while the eyeshadows are not only a great size, but perfect colors for my skin tone. For the price and the sizes of all the products, huge score.

  2. Revlon Colorstay Foundation for oily/combo skin. I have tried out so many different foundations/tinted moisturizers/bb creams and have always come back to this foundation. My t-zone tends to get fairly oily and this product controls it so well, without ever feeling cakey. It lasts perfectly until I wash my face at night, which for me is always the game changer.

  3. L'Oreal Double Extend Beauty Tubes mascara. I had been using the Younique 3D lash product, and while I still love the idea behind it, my eyes did not. By the end of the day they were just getting too irritated, and I obviously wasn't using it correctly because I kept getting fibers under my eyes as the day went on. I've always been a big supporter of mascara primers to do the heavy work for mascara, and I figured I'd try this one before I went to sephora and spent double the cash on one. Well, this sucker is basically life-changing, no joke. I put the primer on, leave it 10-15 seconds, and use ONE COAT of the mascara. Two coats and it looks like I have falsies on. HG, without a question. thumb-is-up

  4. Nip & Fab Glycolic Fix Serum. I was starting to get really frustrated with my face because it just was looking dull, and when I'd put my makeup on, my cheeks looked dirty and cakey, and no amount of exfoliation was making a difference. I have to be SO careful about what I put on my face, since my skin is so sensitive it will break out in a rash if the product is too harsh (Looking at you, Proactiv). This serum was exactly what my face needed. Within a week, my face was back to feeling smooth & glowing, and all the little blackheads I had on my nose and chin were starting to dissapate as well. It has 4% glycolic acid so I only put it on my face before bed; so far I have had no reactions and it seems to be working fine for my ultra sensitive skin.

  5. NYX Butter Gloss in Eclair. I find this to be a direct dupe for a TooFaced lipgloss that I purchased for over $30 - !!! god, past Brianne - which apparently is discontinued anyway, and the color is so perfect. It is a sheer bubblegum pink with a blue tone to it, so it also helps with the appearance of whiter teeth. For under 10$ and serious staying power, I'm in.

Misses:stiiink face

  1. Body Shop Vitamin C Skin Boost. Now to be fair, I may not be giving this product it's fair shot. I wanted a serum to help brighten and help regenerate up my dull skin, and this was more a make-up primer full of silicone. It's not really a serum at all, and didn't do anything to brighten up my face in the long run, only while on. So basically, the same job a highlighter could do, packed full of crap I don't want sitting on my face. Also, for $26 it was quite dissapointing. After a couple uses, it was returned.

  2. NYX Matte Bronzer. While it was a good product with great pigmentation, the color was very terracotta as opposed to being a light/medium brown, and in the winter it just made me look very orange and fake. I will keep it to try again come the summer time, but was a little dissapointed at how red the undertones were. Who wants to look like a member of Jersey Shore in the winter? Not this girl. nooope

  3. OGX Keratin Oil Conditioner. I've usually had good luck with OGX; the macadamia oil line was my jam for a while. I've been slowly taking my hair back to the blonde side, and wanted a rich conditioner to help keep my hair healthy and read on a hairdresser's blog that this is what she used. Dare I say it made my hair worse? I was not a fan, even the fragrance was a little too grandma for me.

And there you have it! Thankfully from looking at this list I have more hits than I do misses, which makes my bank account happy, at least as happy as it can be when being abused. There is nothing worse than spending money on items you aren't going to use or that you don't like as much as you thought you would. In conclusion, how about my favorite GIF in the entire world, because this is how I feel when I waste money on useless shit. Enjoy.corgi flop

*HG: Holy Grail, can't live without em products.

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