Monday 8 December 2014

Thanks, boys.

_MG_9469 _MG_9457_MG_9467 Jeans: GAP, Sweater: Buffalo, Purse: Michael Kors, Watch: Fossil, Boots: Target, similar here & here

I've written before about my (in my opinion) slightly unhealthy love for the boys of One Direction, but if I'm being honest, it's mostly just because of one song. But regardless, they put out a little documentary last year, and because I still have dignity I did not go watch in theaters, nor did I rent it. BUT, Telus on Demand has it for free currently, and with Jake away at hockey on Saturday night, I figured this was the perfect time to indulge in a guilty pleasure movie. Little baileys and tea, some take-out Thai food and it's pretty much a night made in Heaven. The kind of Heaven that includes holding onto your youth with a chokehold and thinking you're too old to be doing this.

Except you know, my Heaven got hi-jacked on account of the movie was TERRIBLE. So terrible I gave up partway through and watched House Hunters instead. Talk about a serious let down. The only silver lining I could take away from it is that they had fans older than me crying on camera about their love for them. So I no longer feel inappropriate, just so, so much second hand embarassment.

But this outfit also needs a shout out to the boys, or more accurately the men's department. I have been on the hunt for a nice, chunky knit sweater forever. One that fits a little baggy but not boxy, and is cozy. Welcome, men's department sweaters. This sucker was on for 60% off at The Bay, and fits like a dream; just chunky enough, & just baggy enough without being overwhelming. I got a small, but if it was available I would've gone extra small. I recently read an article about what women should buy in the men's department, and the two that I will take from said article is "boyfriend jeans" and men's sweaters. More often than not they are better quality, and much better pricing. The bonus with buying your boyfriend jeans in the actual boyfriend department is that the cuts are all different, so you can go as tapered or baggy as you want. Win win.

And if I have learned anything from this post, it's that my struggle with RBF is so real, and next time I'll leave boy band movies to girl's who can't legally drink Baileys while watching.

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