Thursday 11 December 2014

When do we consider ourselves grown ups?

IMG_9485IMG_9486IMG_9506 IMG_9493 IMG_9497Baggy jeans man, my boyfriend hates them, I would say 95% of the male population wishes this trend would die, but oh my goodness, I love me some baggy jeans. Add in some fake fur and mostly black, and well, it's a good day. And now, on to a story that has nothing to do with this post but a lot to do with boyfriends, so you know, it’s all connected.

We’re discussing going on a trip next November, so far the consensus is Mexico. Free food, free booze and not much else but sand, sun and tacos? Sign us UP.

Seeing as how this November I spent most of it with what turned out to be pneumonia, uhh yeah I’m so down for getting to some warm weather come next year. We’ve been talking about it for a while, taking our first “big” trip together and talking about where we’d want to go, how much we want to spend, etc. Well one of my best girlfriends is headed to Hawaii in the next couple days with her family in-law to spend Christmas there, and I said to Jake, “hey what if we did Hawaii next year, not Mexico?” He wasn’t too into the idea, because Hawaii is basically just a really pretty version of the US, aka no all-inclusives or resorts, which means no free unlimited food & booze which means, no thanks. The part that still makes me giggle though is how he said he wasn’t into it.

“No, I think Hawaii is something we’ll do once we’re adults.”

We pay for a mortgage. We own our own vehicles, not to mention the house we live in and pay said mortgage on. So like, we’re grown ups, but we’re not “grown-up grown ups”.. In 5 days I'll be closer to 30 than 18, but that's something for future Brianne to have a quarter-life crisis about.

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  1. you hair color is SO GOOD right now! HOT