Wednesday 26 August 2015

Fall, is coming.

The last few nights I have been chilly enough to actually cuddle my boyfriend for longer than 30 seconds, I can comfortably wear jeans throughout the day, and on more than one occasion lately - I've pulled out a sweater to wear. Pumpkin, maple sugar and "crisp leaves" scented everything is popping up all over stores.. Do you know what this means!? Fall is coming! The days of sweating all of my makeup off in less than 3 hours are coming to an end; sweaty bangs, your days are numbered (thaaaank fuck). Sorry to all of you who are heat lovers and blessed with lazy sweat glands, but this girl is pumped. And what comes with Fall? Well, every girl's favorite - according to Pinterest at least - FALL CLOTHES. Layers! Chunky Knits, Booties! Burnt Oranges, Burgundies, Mustard Yellow, Navy!

I will admit it is so much more fun to get dressed when it's chillier, but that's not exactly new information. There's so many more options, and so much more fun than just "okay, what's the least amount of clothing I can get away with wearing, that also won't show sweat marks?" Plus, well apart from one pair I will love to death, I really don't love wearing shorts - they're not my thing. Jeans? Get over here you little gaffers, I've missed ya so.

Now comes the fun part: what to add to our current wardrobe to make it Fall ready. I have made myself a little deal to not use my credit card as much as humanly possible, basically to get used to saving money again as opposed to spending it whenever the mood strikes me. I also want to focus on spending more money on one well made, versatile piece as opposed to many cheap options - they clog up my small living space, make my boyfriend go grey and just fall apart so fast. I've actually gotten pretty great at utilizing all my existing items in fun new ways, which doesn't quiiite replace the thrill of new clothes, but it does ensure I'm being creative - always a bonus. However, there are a few key items I want to add to my capsule this season, based on what I notice myself gravitating towards the most, be it items I've already worn to death, or always thinking "If only I had ....... item, this outfit would be perfect". Below are my picks:


  1. Boyfriend Jeans: I love love love my pair I bought from the GAP 4 years ago, but the distression on them have ripped (thanks, feet) which is fine for casual wear, but for work appropriate they're walking a thin line. I'd like to update my pair to one that still has distression, but in a much more subtle way that can still look polished with a blazer.

  2. Black skinny jeans. I own about 4 pairs, all but one were cheapo buys because I wasn't sure I would wear them enough. What was I thinking?! They go with everything, feel like leggings but are classic enough to be worn for work, for play, for anything really. I have my eye on this pair from Madewell, but until the dollar figures it's shit out, they won't be coming to me anytime soon. I bought a pair of straight jeans from Madewell in the spring, and they may be the best jeans I've ever purchased. On the expensive side, but more than worth your money.

  3. Chunky knit in an "autumn" color. How original right? I have a new found love for the cardigan, and while I wear my old Aritzia navy one to death, I want to add one in mustard yellow or burgundy to the mix. Cozy, and enough color to pop up a basic outfit.

  4. Not shown: Black crew neck sweater. Surprisingly hard to find one I love, but I am incredibly picky with these. They have to be ribbed at the bottom, or at least have enough ribbing to hold their shape, but I do not want it to be fitted. A great place to find them is actually in the men's section, I find they're better quality and less expensive - rude for the ladies, but I'll take advantage of it.

  5. Striped pencil skirt. Great for layering, more interesting than a basic pencil skirt, and can be worn with bare legs well into November, and with tights once the snow falls. Also on the hunt for a floral print too.

  6. Navy booties. I'm a massive supporter of booties, aka I pretty much wear them exclusively in the fall and winter. Last year I bought a burgundy pair from Aldo and I am still totally infatuated with them, and this year I want to venture into the world of Blue Suede Boots ( thanks for the pun opportunity, Elvis ;) )

Stores I will be utilizing for most of my shopping endeavors (that also accept PayPal and show their pricing in CAD -KEY ASPECTS!): ASOS, Urban Outfitters, Zara, Aritzia & Forever21 <- I just can't quit you, F21. Mainly because your baseball tee's are mint.

And finally, to round out this long-winded, making up for lost time post, a smattering of outfits I've worn lately - photographed because I learned the art of the Outfit Lay and I am obsessed. 

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