Friday 4 September 2015

We need to talk about your flare.

You do want to express yourself, don't you? Ahhh thank you to Office Space for the opportunity of a killer opener. Anyway, perusing Pinterest last night while watching a docu-series on the worst mob bosses in history, as I often do, I was continuing my hunt for an updated denim wardrobe, updated just in time for fall. I was originally looking for new ways to wear some boyfriend jeans when flare jeans kept hitting my feed. At first my original thoughts were: "piss of Pinterest, you're drunk and I'm not p-interested" - I know, I'm on a roll here, but then the more washes I saw and the more versatile the outfits, my mind was definitely changed. You know what guys? I was digging what I was seeing, hard. The silhouettes were so feminine and flattering, and the new styles are slightly higher waisted meaning they slim your tummy and elongate your legs, something I am never one to turn down. I'm more of a pear shaped person, so I am leaning more towards the trouser/flare hybrid as opposed to full on bell bottoms, but for a more lean person, any silhouette you want will fit your fancy. You lucky ducks.

Couple rules for showing off your flare:

  1. This may be the only rule, but for the love of god, DO NOT wear flares with flats. Was that your plan? Read that first line as many times as needed to let it sink in, even if you are tall. It looks sloppy, they're meant to be worn with heels so if you don't wear them, you'll have a good couple inches pooling at your feet, and if they're short enough to wear with flats: You bought the wrong pair. Try again. If you're worried about added height, A) don't be, and B) a kitten heel will suffice.

  2. Even if you are going to wear something looser up top, ensure that your flares are very tailored to keep the ensemble chic and not sloppy. In addition, make sure you're showing off a little skin, be it collarbone or chest to show some shape and not look like a sack.

  3. Chunky knits with flares will more than likely be my go to, behind wearing them with a blazer, so again to ensure I won't be overwhelmed with fabric, I'll do the half tuck on my sweaters to maintain my shape while still being comfy and oh so chic.

  4. Go full boho, wear these with kimonos for as long as the weather allows for it. Channel your inner Rachel Zoe and wear a floppy hat too for bonus style points.

Some great options I found recently:

And below is just a sampling of how I would wear these for casual date nights or to the pub with friends, how I would wear for work, and middle road everyday wear. See? SO versatile.

flare casual work flare flare chunkyNext up, Denim Culottes! Just kidding, I'll never give into that trend. Me and my good ol faithful leg stumps dislike them greatly, as they would us. They belong in the "never going to fucking happen" category, alongside acid wash.


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