Wednesday 23 September 2015

I'm just goin with it.


Jeans: Madewell, Dress: Asos, Boots: Aldo, Faux Fur: Chicwish - old (alternatives here, here)

when everything you have on is currently on sale - cha-chiiing

Lets discuss the dress/jeans combo I have going on that is giving me 2000’s trend flashbacks but in a way that I feel like, works -unlike the 00’s. But FIRST, Let’s talk about this "dress" specifically.  I ordered this dress for a wedding, to wear at the beginning of September. It was due to arrive on August 24th, but had no tracking – ROOKIE mistake. Well, August 24th came and went and no dress. Few days go by and I email and say, “hey, where my dress at?!” They say wait another week. No dress. Long story short, the dress never came in time, they couldn’t figure out where it went either and just refunded my money, since it was too close to the wedding to order another. Well, low and behold, what was on my desk two days ago, but THIS DRESS. 6 weeks late, and now apparently free as well – thanks asos and also, sorry asos, I promise I didn’t pull a fast one on ya. And, as we can all see, a “dainty, tea party/ semi casual fall wedding appropriate” dress IT IS NOT. Unless the invite is good for one vagina coming to the party too. Tea party at the church on top, porn star on the bottom.

Which brings us to this, the dress jeans combo. Following this post by Merrick the other week it got me thinking about how much more wear I could get out of my tunics by pairing them with my skinny jeans as opposed to just leggings, and this dress being experiment #1 I feel was a massive success. Maybe it’s the fact that Madewell cannot go wrong with their jeans (in my opinion), maybe it’s the wicked shoes, maybe this dress was meant to find me to all come together and make this magic. Or, maybe it looks horrendous and I was high when I got dressed, take your pick.

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