Monday 17 July 2017

Love Letters; house edition.

Dear Trumpet Vine, aka the Weiner Plant,
Thank you for coming back to life, even though for a solid three months you looked so dead I was sure everyone was lying to me to have faith that you would resurrect. You’re super pretty, and your buds looking like little wieners right outside my front door made me giggle for a solid immature week.

Dear Raspberry Bushes,
You neglected massive things you, you sure know how to make my heart and wallet happy. In a week’s time, you’ve filled 3 freezer bags FULL of pure money as far as I'm concerned. You’re in the shittiest spot possible, and because of that I can only reach half of you without scratching my arms but you know what? For you, I’ll endure the scratches. Love is pain.
Dear Marble Sink,
Nope, still dislike you. In the summer your water puddles turn goopy frighteningly fast and they smell. But everyone who comes here is still charmed by you, so whatever I guess. Once I ever figure out how to successfully get you out of the house without breaking everything, watch out. 

Dear (front) Landscaping,
You get your rock accessories this week and then you are done! We’re so happy with how you look, and it’s been so fun learning how to do everything, and what plants work best where. I now have hydrangeas, lilac bushes AND peonies surrounding my house, which of course means I’m never ever moving; and while this may pose a space problem down the round, at least we’ll be a cramped house surrounded by pretty flowers. Sacrifices can and will be made.

Dear Tom & Linda (our ADORABLE neighbors)
To my newly appointed surrogate grandparents (were you not aware you inherited a new granddaughter? K well you did), you’re so wonderful and I promise to love the little lilac bush you gifted me with with as much as green thumbiness as I can muster up. I don’t have luck with well, keeping anything green thriving, but it seems to be doing okay. Same with the peony bushes you said I could thin out. You’re just the bees knees. & yes, I am making sure to help myself to the rhubarb and cherries while you're gone, you friggin angels you.

Dear Home,

You still make our hearts so so happy, especially the fact that it’s been 30+ degrees for weeks and you stay so cool (AC free!) that we can still sleep in polar fleece sheets without hating life. This is an exceptional bonus because I’m quite lazy and don’t feel like changing them. I enjoy being chilly and you just get that, ya know? You just get it. We love you, every little bit of ya. We can’t wait to keep growing with you. 

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  1. No A/C and your house stays cool in this crazy heat!? Obviously a well-insulated house. Score!