Wednesday 21 November 2012

It's the Rule of 3.

I love accessorizing. SO much.  Some of my favorite memories are when I would sneak into my mom or my sister's vanities and put on all of their jewels and play princess.. Oh wait, I still do that! You know how you feel kind of naked if you forget, say, your phone at home? I feel that way if I've forgotten to wear my accessories. Naked & Incomplete.

But, time and time again I have seen a perfectly great outfit killed by piling on every piece of jewellery owned, and on the flip side, I have seen an outfit with so much potential, just missing the right amount of "pizazz". So where is the happy medium? I always, always, stick to the "Rule of 3". What that means is 3 areas at most, only. Earrings, a bracelet or arm party, and a cocktail ring? Great, now stop. Arm party, some cute little studs and a delicate chain? Hottie! You're finished, go dazzle the world with your smile. See my point? As much fun as it is to pile it all on, (I'm a "sparrow" myself, and my thoughts and conversations often get interrupted by my wandering eyes onto some shiiiny) it takes your outfit from perfect to gaudy so fast, and then the appeal has been lost. I'm a huge fan of accessorizing an outfit, be it with my staple pieces and a scarf, a statement necklace, chunky bracelet, you name it. However, I also believe in maintaining a balance. If I am stacking on an arm party, and wearing my favorite hoops, then I am going to dial down the necklace I choose, if I wear one at all. If I pull out one of my statement bibs, I will only wear studs and the ring Andy gave me. I am a person who always errs on the side of "less is more", and my accessorizing (hopefully) reflects that.

Also, accessorizing can be your best kept little secret, as it can be used to highlight your favorite areas, while taking attention away from your least favorites. For instance, I love my waist. I have a very typical "hourglass" figure, and I love love love playing up my little waist. My hips, however, well, not so much. So, waist accentuating belts are my go-to, even with jeans and a t-shirt. I have thin belts in every shade of the rainbow, and they quite often are the finishing touch on my outfit. Do you have a gorgeous long neck (I'm jealous), and fabulous bone structure? Show it off with an eye-catching necklace. It takes the eyes and zeroes in directly where you want it to.

Now, here is my best kept secret: Since I rely on accessories to be my finishing touches, I need to have a system in place so that I don't have to forgo food for the month, for a great scarf & some new bling. Ardene's, Aldo Accessories and Forever21 are my favorites to get my scarves, belts, leg warmers, and fun costume jewellery for not a whole lot. Ardene's can get a little bit too neon and tweenie-bopper for me, so I have to do a little digging in there, but they have scarves 3 for 10$! Aldo has some amazing cocktail rings full of bling, great party clutches and more, Forever21 has amazing belts, and really funky little pieces. While I do have a very special place in my heart for Stella & Dot, all of the pieces I own from them are my "investments", but to be honest, I wear a lot of them every single day, so for the price you pay, I truly feel they are worth every penny.


Happy Accessorizing,



To scout some out for yourself, check out these sites!

Forever21 Canada

Aldo Accesories

Stella & Dot 

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  1. Hey Brianne,

    Question on a chill day when i'm sporting my velour jumpsuit, how would you suggest I accessorize? Can I still follow the rule of 3? Thanks so much. This is an awesome blog! :)

  2. Absolutely! I accesorize all of my outfits. Instead of pairing your glitziest though, balance the accesories more casually: some chic earrings, a couple bangles and a watch and a great scarf :) thanks for reading! Xo