Wednesday 28 November 2012

The invite said, "Dress Bewitchingly"

With December just a few days away (seriously, when did that happen!?), one of my most favorite times of the year is approaching: Holiday Parties. It should come to no surprise to any of you that I love dressing up. Honestly, when I know we have a "function" to go to, I start outfit planning in my head usually a few days before, depending on the amount of heads up we have. Slightly embarrassing to admit, but it is my happy place. Now, here is one of my little weird quirks that I have about dressing up, and it is so teensy, but actually drives me crazy. I hate it when Andy & I don't "go together". I'm not talking matching outfits here (we only do that in the privacy of our own home), but when we clash, it makes my skin itchy. I hate it. So, not that I am controlling or anything - I am -  when it comes to dressing up, but sometimes, he humors me and lets me pick out what he is going to wear too. Thankfully, as stylish as he is, he is a boy and doesn't really care. And you know, "happy wife happy life ;)".

Now, not all Holiday Parties were made the same, and sometimes it is as simple as a relaxed, casual potluck & board games night, and sometimes it is a fancy-pants office party. I have devised three "looks" for you and your special someone, to suit each function. In my opinion, I will always choose to be slightly over-dressed than under, and if worse comes to worse, it is easier to take off your bling than try to cover up the holes in your jeans, amIright? Now, without further adieu.

Your casual gathering party. Let me break this down for you: While you are not expected to bust out your "Sunday Best", I do think it doesn't hurt to still dress up a little bit more than you would normally, it's Christmas for goodness sake! As a good rule of thumb, wear what you would to a Sunday family dinner. A little nicer than your everyday outfits, but nothing too stiff or formal. Burgundy is the new black this season, and universally flattering. Plus, so festively appropriate. Add in a few bangles and some pretty earrings, and you're set. Guys, realistically speaking, you've got it pretty easy. No hats, style your hair, and dark jeans. This can be mixed instead with a nice sweater or cardigan in lieu of the button-up, but please, no logos. Simple, solid colors are always your win.

Now, dependent on what your office dress-code is, your office party could very well be pretty fancy pants. Lucky you! Girls, instead of your tried and true LBD, go with something a bit more festive! Jewel tones are very flattering to any skin tone, and go very well with the atmosphere. Rich Reds, Emerald Greens, Sapphire Blue, or Deep Plums. For the shape of the dress: simple, clean lines are always best; if the party is not about you, or you are not the host, the idea is to dazzle everyone, not steal the show. Peplum, A-line and Skater dresses are very flattering shapes, without being too dramatic. Also, side-note! The accessories here are two different ways to dress up your dress, this is not the time to pile it all on. Remember, rule of 3. Gentlemen, time to dust off the nice suit you always wish you had more excuses to wear (No? Just my guy?). And for your tie/bow-tie: match your lady! So chic, but fairly effortless on your part - and trust me, she will be very happy you did.

Last but not least, my favorite! The in-betweener. This is what my "office party" dress code will be, actually this is what it will be for both of our parties, so it shouldn't be too hard to see why this is a favorite of mine. Guys, nothing too exciting for you, unfortunately, as it doesn't differ to far from Look #1, except I would say if you can, wear some nice suit pants and avoid the jeans, unless they are dark. Ladies, this is actually, a fairly easy one to dress for. "Business Casual" is what I would refer to it as if you need some ideas. You can wear jeans, in a dark wash, and a really fancy blouse or top. You can wear a fun red pencil skirt and a blouse tucked in, or even a fancy tee! The easiest part to differentiate from Look #1 to this is the way you accessorize it. Think a cocktail ring, and a bit more sparkle with the rest of the jewellery you choose.

As for the age old dilemma, "Can I wear my shoes inside?", nothing puts the bummer on an outfit faster than having to take off your shoes, especially if the heels are what really "puts it all together", or gives you some Heidi-worthy legs in the dress. Unfortunately, you just need to roll with the punches on this one, and be courteous to what your host prefers. Or, you can go for a win-win and take a cue from my style bible: bring a pair of slipper type flats (that have clean soles). This way, your toes are not bare, they don't scuff up the floor, and you do not feel slightly under-dressed.

Happy Holiday-ing everyone! Enjoy the eggnog & rums, and the official Canadian kick-off to the best time of the year.




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  1. Love it. Brianne, I predict you will soon be writing fashion features for magazines and newspapers.