Thursday 15 November 2012

Winter is here, and I am chilly.

There are two things I enjoy about winter: my birthday (because, well obviously, I get to be Princess for a day.) & Christmas festivities. What do I not enjoy about winter? Being cold. I HATE being cold. I go from cheerful to grumpy in .5 seconds when I am cold, or worse, when the bottom of my pants & feet get wet. Now I am one serious Bitter Betty.

So, how do you resist the urge to put on everything warm you own, and bundle up like the abominable snowman, but still stay warm? Layers! Layering is your best friend this season. Because odds are, for the most part, you are only piling on the layers for the transit of getting from A to B, once you're inside somewhere, the need for four puffy parkas is a bit of a non-issue. Thus, layering.  Generally, on any given chilly day I have about 5 layers going on. I have my "base layer": either jeans or leggings, socks and a tank top. Then, you pile on another top, tunic or button up. Next (my fav!) a cardigan, because you are able to remove it without causing all the static electricity in the room to meet up & party on your head (another bonus of this weather, staticky hair. Don't even get me started). Finally I am wearing a nice toasty scarf, usually a pair of leg warmers, mittens,boots & my cutest winter parka.

Now, the key is that your layers should be fairly light so that they add warmth, not bulk. It's all well and good to add layers with reckless abandon, but hey maybe it's just me, I don't want my layers to also add 10 lbs.

Now that I've said that, what fun is winter really without the chunky sweater? The key is to wear it properly, or you will be too warm and too bulky. If you are going to wear one, make sure your bottom layer is a light one. And then enjoy! It hides the second helping of all the delightful Christmas goodies, and is the perfect accesory to cuddle up in, well, second best to a cuddle partner ;) .


Happy Layering!





  1. Um...I need to know who makes that Penguin Fair Isle cardi in the second Polyvore it. Great blog btw!

  2. I need all three of those sweaters in the second pic!!! As well as the boots, and the scarves... ok... i just need it all!!!

  3. Pretty adorable hey? I love it too. Here is the retail site!