Monday 26 November 2012

Take the Time.

Life is busy, isn't it? Like, really busy. Some days it seems like my 8 hour workday is really a 14 hour one, and then before I know it, it's 9:30 and I'm in bed (I really enjoy sleep, and trust me, everyone around me enjoys me well-rested). We get so stuck in our routines and schedules and the constant go go go, whether you are juggling work & a family, or if you are a single gal like me trying to fit a workout here and there, plus school, plus work. Before you know it, the important things get pushed to the side. Not work, not cleaning, not chores, the really important things: your relationships.

The last 5 days for me are a bit of a blur. Andy got a concussion on Wednesday night during soccer, and with me feeling a little under the weather, we were quite the pair. Apart from leaving the house to get more soup & Motrin for his head, we were pretty much housebound all weekend, in sweats and hoodies, and my favorite XL housecoat that he actually despises, but I love oh so much. And you know what? It was great. Sure, the circumstances could have been more ideal, but because we really couldn't do anything else but enjoy each other, it was so great to "re-connect". Our schedules are so opposite, that the most we see each other in the day is for an hour or two during dinner, before he has to go to hockey/soccer/work. We get a day off together about once a month. So to have 4 days, completely uninterrupted, to just snuggle and nap, laugh and giggle, and just be together, was so what we needed. It re-charged our relationship batteries, in a way that the usual "dinner-and-a-movie" date couldn't have done for us.  (holy smokes was that ever cheesy. but you get the idea).

I'm a big "feelings" person. Ask anyone in my circle, and they will tell you how much I enjoy talking about feelings. Ad naseum. Andy told me the other day I missed my calling of being a therapist, because I can talk about your feelings for hours. I journal constantly. I love writing notes, to-do lists, anything. I love writing down how I feel. It clears my mind,  keeps me sane, and brings me back to my feeling of normality. Because of this I have a teensy little journal hoarding problem.. So, what does my feelings obsession have to do with nurturing your relationships? Everything. Tell the people you love exactly what it is that makes them so special in your life. Tell your friend who you've been missing lately just that, that you miss their smile everyday, or hearing their quirky laugh. Tell the people in your life why their presence makes your life so meaningful. Tell them how the little things they do affects you, and how it makes you feel. By doing this seemingly "little" thing, it makes a huge impact to our relationships; it lets those around us know that they are special, and they bring something unique with them to their friendships. We're quickly coming into that time of year where we use presents to tell people they are special to us, so for now, believe me, nothing is more special than letting someone know that by being themselves, they make your world shine a little brighter.




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