Friday 4 January 2013

Friday is reserved for a Day Dream

Am I the only person who loves packing? Seriously, I love packing. Apart from the actual trip, packing is my favorite part of going somewhere. We went to Maui last year for Christmas and a wedding, and I started packing, 3 weeks ahead of time. I find it SO fun. The outfit coordinating, the product planning, all of it! I just love it. Okay gushing time over. My girlfriend Meg was headed off with her husband to the southern states (Florida mainly,) for an entire month, and was having some trouble figuring out what to pack. So I offered her a few quick tips, basically living out every possible outfit combination in my head as I typed it. If I could have crawled through my phone into her closet and just had my way with it, I would have. This is how some of the conversation went:

Fullscreen capture 10413 31515 PM.bmp

That was a few weeks ago. Now today, it snowed all morning. So, staring out my work window, I thought to myself "Man I wish I was going away this winter, just somewhere! Well, somewhere without snow, and preferably warm." And then my mind started wandering, and I came along to the little fantasy of, if money was no object, and you could go to your three favorite places for a short weekend, what would you pack? I chose to live out Paris (duh), New York (my second travel "love"), and California (hello Malibu ;) ). Here are my creations:


The most chic of the three, I envision my weekend in Paris to be chock full of elegance, visits to the Louvre, espresso & macaroons devoured overlooking the Eiffel Tower, and long shopping trips down the Champs-Elysees. As I will be in Paris, my poor little feeties will just have to grin and bear the torture I put them through, we can deal with it on the plane. As every fashionista knows, it is fashion over function. 261490322086008401_p1zewKf3_c

New York, I love you. My first outfit will be for cruising down the streets of Brooklyn, Soho, Greenwich  Village, the Meat Packing District & Chelsea. Complete with a Starbucks latte, my Visa and I will get our workout on. For the night time, It is all about Manhattan, Gold & Glitter. Sky high stilettos will take me wherever fate intends, and with my metal clutch, no mugger would dare mess with me. (Fantasy remember?)261490322086008414_X1juzdR8_c

California, the colorful, fun, energetic "kid sister" of the bunch. Maybe I'm the only one, but when I see California in my head, the entire landscape consists of aqua blue, vibrant hues of pink, orange and grassy green, and it is always the time of day for sunsets. When I do go to California it will be a disappointment to me to learn that they have other times of day; but in my head, it is always 5 'o clock. What a coincidence, that's the perfect time to enjoy a good California Vino on the beach.


I hope you all have a fabulous weekend, I am off to continue my dream.



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