Thursday 24 January 2013

Hey Girl, it's Okay.

Saying I love fashion magazines probably isn't too shocking, is it? Well, one of my favs, Glamour, has the section "hey, it's okay.." and it's always one of my favorite "articles" to check out! they're always kind of goofy, sweet, and make you kind of just take a step back and stop being so hard on yourself! Speaking of being hard on yourself. I am currently taking my LLQP licensing, aka my "Life License Qualification Program", aka Life Insurance Course. I am hoping going to be done by the end of February, but it is an online course, and with my brain boarderlining on ADHD, focus has proven to be difficult. Especially when all I want to do is.. anything else.. Now, to add to this, I've always had a hangup with math. ugh, MATH. This course also touches upon investments and taxation formulas, and the second I see a math equation, I freeze up and my brain tells me "well, you're going to get this wrong anyway, so give it your best shot, dummy". Nice hey? I'm so supportive of myself.

My point is, I've been trying so hard to not get down on myself, and make that little biotch up there in my head shut up, but you know what? Some days it proves harder than others. So, i figured it was as good a time as any, to just stop being so hard on myself. What is that going to accomplish anyway? "Whether or not you think you can do it, you are right." I take this to mean that if I'm negative about my outcome, I will get a negative outcome. So, without further adieu, "Hey, it's Okay", Brianne edition.

Hey Bri, it's okay..

  • That you will not get a perfect score on this test. You will pass it with flying colors though (because you're like, really smart - mean girls), and you won't have to do those equations ever again (or at least not all that often). You just need to know them to get through this. Like Geometry. Or French.

  • That you need someone to phone your phone every time you get up, or leave somewhere. Yes, it is always in your purse, or your hand, but you just like to know you have it.

  • That no matter how healthy you've been eating, and will continue to eat, it's okay to eat the freaking fries sometimes. They are delicious for a reason.

  • That your voice is about 3 times louder than what a normal speaking voice should be. You're loud, deal with it. You also talk with your hands at an alarming rate. Diva. 

  • To declare an outfit do-over on your lunch break. Hey, the perks of working within 5 minutes from my house.

  • To eat your lunch within an hour of getting to work. Sometimes you're just really hungry, and you made a really enticing lunch!

  • That you haven't figured out yet that if you just wake up 15 minutes earlier, you probably wouldn't have that last minute out the door scramble.

  • To have a pity party once in a while. It "cleanses the soul". what? It does.

  • To get into bed when your boyfriend has a nighttime hockey or soccer game. Even if said game is at 7:30. I'm quite the wildchild, if you hadn't noticed.

  • To get a little pissy if you're not in bed by 10:30 on a worknight. Like I said, Wiild Chiiild.

  • That you are a singer snob and will not watch American Idol, The Voice, X Factor and the likes for that reason. "OMG you are singing SO flat I can't handle this. AGH stop singing through your NOSE, oh hell did I just hear you gasp for breath? You're done."- Me. Did I mention I was classically trained for 10 years? Singer. Snob..

  • To "eat" smoothies when your boyfriend is out of town, because you are too lazy to actually cook anything. For breakfast/lunch & dinner. Hey, better than take-out right? Much healthier.

  • To have a slight obsession with my hair. Slight? Okay huge. It took soo long to grow, and now that I have it, I feel complete. At present time, I am stroking it.

  • To want the warm weather back. Yesterday. And then to complain about how hot and sweaty I am, once the warm weather arrives again.

  • To have a full on panic when my new lipgloss goes missing. That will teach me for spending a ridiculous amount of $$ on it. Damn you Sephora! You sucked me in. But, then have intense relief when you remember where you stashed it, five minutes later.

When I stand back, or take any of these "issues/quirks/habits", and box them around the words "In 5 years from now, is this going to matter"? Okay maybe the first one will - I do kinda need that license.. - , but the rest of them? No, they won't. Quirks are what make us different, and personally, I actually do really like mine, if I think about it. Shouldn't you like yours? They aren't going anywhere anytime soon. Trust me, I tried not talking with my hands for a day, and they were flailing all night to make up for it ;)

give yourself a break, we're all pretty freaking cool.302732_429798313739947_1255808894_n



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