Wednesday 31 July 2013

Currently Coveting the Crop.

Fotor0731103514I've been told it's been a while since I did a CC, and I've had these on my mind for a good two months, so I think it's about time we discussed it. I find a lot of the trends I like lately to be very ironic, mainly because they 100% go against what my usual "style" has been. Grungier than usual, more Boho than I've ever been, and almost becoming a wee bit hippy like. My style is changing, and I'm loving the direction it's headed in, even if  I don't really know where that is just yet. One thing I have consciously done for as long as I can remember is not have my tummy be exposed. It's always been my main enemy of my body, never liked it and never wanted it on display. So imagine my surprise that every time I see an outfit with a crop top, I am in love. I want it. It needs. to. be. MINE.

Fotor0731103153 I have narrowed it down however, because it seems I do have some reservations for embracing the crop still. Let's be honest, this trend can go 50 shades of wrong, oh so very fast. The one person who has stood out as wearing this trend the best seems to be Nicole Richie (because seriously, she can do no wrong when it comes to fashion). She is a mother; and when she is wearing these outfits, they do not come across as trashy, they look very summery and cool. I think the key is how much tummy you're wanting to show off. Personally, anything belly button and below are kind of off limits, that's too much skin to be showing unless you're on a beach. Highlighting the teeniest part of your waist, with either a sliver or a bigger chunk is refreshing, not scandalous. Another key to this trend is to keep everything else faairly conservative. Keep your makeup neutral, accessories to accent, not tell the whole story.  The golden rule applies here as well: if you're showing your midriff, don't show off your legs and cleavage too. Just because you have the good doesn't mean you need everyone to see them. Long pencil or maxi skirts, full midi skirts, high-waisted trousers, these all even out the sexiness of the crop top, making the outfit fresh and chic, not inappropriate. If I'm going to be at the lake all day, you can bet your boots I'll be wearing my high-waisted cut offs with them (which by the way, I wear ALL THE TIME. Best DIY I've ever done for myself). But, on a normal outing, balance is always key, my fashionable friends. If I could I dream up the items in my closet, here is how I would wear this trend . While we're on the subject, if anyone can point me in the direction of a leopard print pencil skirt, I just may love you forever.  Fullscreen capture 73113 105634 AM.bmpHappy Cropping,



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