Tuesday 16 July 2013

Shopping is a serious business.

I'm going to give you a disclaimer: I am such an impulse shopper. I love it. It gives me a serious adrenaline rush. Such an impulse shopper, I rarely try things on - this is stupid, lazy, and stupid. Don't do this!  Now, I am not saying this a good thing; quite the opposite in fact, it's down right pretty dumb. Mainly because I end up with things I don't need, won't wear very often, or don't fit (see? try things on!!). Because of this, I have a system developed now before I allow myself to buy something. There are 5 checkpoints I have in my head, to avoid a closet full of "WTF's!?", so to speak. As a pretty simple rule of thumb: if you go shopping with a wee bit of a "wine at lunch day buzz", you might end up with more WTF's than you bargained for.

1. Does it fit you? Not just "not too tight, not too loose, perfect good to go!" Does it really fit you. Does it bunch in weird areas, or is it puckering over your boobs or thighs? Can you wave your hands in the air? Turn to the side, are there lumps and bumps visible? Just because something is your size doesn't mean it is suited for your shape. If it gapes in places it shouldn't, bunches or puckers in places you'd prefer it not to, it doesn't fit, and you need to move on!

2. Does it work with other pieces you own? Tee shirts, tank tops, "basic" pieces are pretty versatile, but if you're buying a blouse, skirt, trousers, etc., more of your "finer" pieces, can it be worn with more than just one item? If you love these pair of navy trousers, but they'll only go with one or two tops, then it's not worth your time.

3. Will you really wear it? I know, that sequined top is just so pretty, and is making your heart flutter with prettiness, but will you really wear it when you get home? A girlfriend of mine can rock the shiz out of sequin tops; me? ya right sister. I never feel comfortable enough, as pretty and girly as they are.  That hipster-esque crop top is making you feel so badass in the change room, will you wear it out to a friends house without feeling silly? a movie? running errands? If you can't for sure guarantee you will wear it feeling comfortable in the change room, odds are it is going to just collect dust in your closet once it comes home.

4. How many ways can you wear it? This is my new mantra. It fits in quite nicely with the CPW method.  If I love something in a store, unless I can make 4-5 outfits with it, it's not leaving with me. I truly, honestly feel like your closet should compliment each other, and almost everything can be worked together. So, unless you can remix it multiple ways: casual, office, evening, dressed up, down, can it be layered, etc., it may not be worth your hard earned money.

5. Do you love it? Like, do you really, love it? We know that feeling, that "now where have you been my entire life, cardigan?" feeling of wholeness when you find an item you just love. Just me? As if, you all have felt it. If you don't love it, or are just on the fence, don't buy it. I find that when I do that, two things will happen: I will forget all about it, which just shows I didn't need it, or I will think about it all day and think of how many ways I can wear it. If the second option happens, and it doesn't break your bank, go back and take what is rightfully yours.

spend-buy - Story of. my. life.

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