Wednesday 3 July 2013

Are you Melting yet? I'm Melting.

Ahh, summertime here in the Okanagan. It has hit, I know this because I am A) burnt, and B) we had to make a fort bed in front of our A/C, where it will stay until further notice because someone broke the fan in our bedroom (hint, it was me.) A few things remind me of summers here: the smell of campfire (or in the not as fun, but very common case: forest fire smell), BBQ's a plenty with good friends, and the stinking. hot. HEAT. Now, I am not complaining too loudly, because I know it could be way worse - looking at you, Arizona - but still, I am a hot little chicka. I enjoy the heat, I really do. From a safe spot, say, 5 ft away from a pool or lake, with a cold drink in my hand. Or beside me, I'm not picky. But as I have said before, I have healthy sweat glands, and nothing makes me irritable faster than being dressed up, or hell, even dressed, and having my makeup melt, my hair stick to the back of my neck, and my clothes feel like 10 pounds of heat on top of me. So, since we can't all be naked all summer, how do we deal? By wearing the least amount of clothing possible, while still being occasion-appropriate, of course ;).


~For the 9-5 office: Thankfully my office is well air-conditioned, oh hallelujah for that. But still, just because it feels 20 in there doesn't mean I'm about to wear a blazer and trousers, I think I'd literally burst into flames come 4:30 and walking out into the real heat. On these hazy summer days, nothing becomes your friend faster than an office appropriate dress. My take on office friendly dresses should follow three simple rules:1. the fingertip test - if your finger tips fall farther than your dress does when your arms are by your sides, the dress is too short. If the dress is longer than your fingers, you're in the clear. 2. No cleavage. If the dress has cleavage, you need to be wearing a shirt underneath. No exceptions. 3. The dress has to have some structure to it, so it won't be confused with a sundress. A skater style skirt or a-line dress are perfect for the office, in either a solid color or tasteful print. Nothing too loud. If you choose to go with a print, keep accessories minimal and let the dress be statement enough.


~For Soccer/Baseball/Rugby/ Games Game: This one is big for me, as I like to watch Andy play soccer during the summer, but am counting down the minutes until the sun sets and I can get some relief. This one has a lot more lee-way, but again you don't want to feel insecure if your grandma/aunt/mother-in-law decides to come watch the game as well. Jean shorts and a loose, flowy top with some funky gladiator sandals, but don't forget a hat! Sun stroke is no joke.

date night~Date Night: I frequently think about how ironic this fact is, but man oh man do maxi skirts keep me cool. Chiffon and Chiffon type fabrics are the best because they have a lot of air flow to them, and don't feel tight or restrictive in any way. I would pair this with a peplum top, or something that doesn't need to be tucked in to keep optimal coolness (temperature, though you will look pretty spiffy, too). For accessories, I'd say stick to lighter weight pieces, made with beads or lucite. Chunky, heavy metal necklaces will not only be uncomfortable, but nothing breaks down metal faster than sweat and oil.

Happy Dressing! As much as I'm not complaining about this glorious weather, I won't be complaining if we all of a sudden get a teeny little cold snap, either. ;)

Stay cool, my friends. B


  1. Glory MacTavish3 July 2013 at 02:39

    Love this blog and your rules around work clothing. Nothing is more annoying than seeing office workers at their jobs with all their bits exposed. Very distracting!

  2. I agree with Glory. I once interviewed a woman who wore a low cut top to the interview. She did not get the job, and that was definitely one of the deciding factors.