Monday 4 November 2013


Do you hear them over here? I sure do. Radio silence, crickets; you name it, that's what this blog has been. It's been a mixture of not knowing what to say, being too busy for my own good, and lending the camera to new parents, therefore no outfit pics have happened. I have lots of exciting things to share with you all in the next few weeks, but today isn't that day. Until then, take some outfit inspo as a consolation prize: tumblr_mtjk3cN0ul1qcj013o1_500 tumblr_muckwvneCU1qmu6boo1_500 tumblr_mvn385AJoZ1r2bvgpo1_5009ab3dd64abec892293ae66836490b917 131b89dbf87938a13eb334c91e53edf41cca52067b055957bb0e39a8cc77c2d8

8454f472754086c22815b0a30731f1b5 806238a066d8c94fd61fcc436c0c9b1b 2266895c85eba8360bde2c0613cf2ad9 c26df05edb0d97617c9a3f1bda8e3da7 cbd92803bc78949f54025be3b687b1b9 dd13cc39bf751bb7bc6b47af013e67be e6b69f984bd8c446c350b7465a95ff82

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