Thursday 20 March 2014

Put a little spring in your step.

One post a month, that's not a very good average is it..? Whoops.

First day of Spring!! Can you feel it? Can you feel picnics, flowers, sunshine and flip flops coming nearer? I can, and it's got me thinking outfits, as per usual. Here's the thing with myself, I'm not a very "out there" dresser. I like the odd unusual/quirky piece (have you ever tried explaining a "kimono" to a guy? Here's what I got - "you mean the dragon? pretty sure that's a dragon you're talking about"), but I will always pair it with neutrals to tone down the overall look. So for some of the bigger trendy pieces hot this spring: bold prints, neon, etc. It's not exactly my thing, but I like the look. Therefore, I've thrown together a little looksy at how to use these two trickier trends to your advantage, while staying comfortable.

First up, printed trouser pants.

c600x635These are shockingly versatile. I have a leopard pair myself, and a black & white tribal pair. I tend to keep everything else basic-ish with them, and keep my usual love of pattern mixing at home when I decide to wear these. If paired with a looser fitting shirt, the half-tuck makes for the most flattering silhouette. Don't forget to accesorize, or it may look like you're still in your jammies when you walk into work/the grocery store/your date.

Next, neons. I'm not going to lie, I do not like neons very much. They remind me of Ravers, and 13 year old girls. Not a fan. But, if used very sparingly, as accent pieces, I find they can be quite appealing without being too Lisa Frank.



Happy Thursday/International Happiness Day - literally a real thing/ First day of Spring! xo

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