Tuesday 19 August 2014

Bits & Pieces

1. Fall is in the air, I can smell it and I am EXCITED. Is it blasphemous to say I have had it with summer? Well, I have. I am sick of sweating while getting ready/sleeping/walking/eating/breathing; basically, the sweating can beat it. But also, summer clothing in a heat wave isn't a whole lot of fun, is it? Piling on accessories, layering items, that's just not happening when I'm melting. Bring on Autumn, stripes, JEANS & BOOTS, utility jackets and sweaters. I am so friggin ready for ya.

2. What kind of blogger would I be if I wasn't a teeeeny bit excited for the early delivery of the PSL? Admittedly, I've only ever had it once (Blasphemy all over the place! I tell ya), but damn it was delicious. You know when the Pumpkin Spice scent is ever nearing, Autumn is too. Fist pump.

3. I have found my Holy Grail of face wash. African Black Soap. It is mostly natural, smells amazing, and has taken my skin back from the "wtf I'm 23 why do I have acne all of a sudden!?" to the odd PMS induced blemish I was quite accustomed to. I heard about it on instagram, and since it is not available in Canada, I resort to the internet black market to buy it, otherwise known as eBay or Amazon, whichever has cheaper shipping that day. Seriously, my skin feels like butter and it is makes me do a happy dance when it comes in the mail.

dance dance dance

4.  When I was little, I was obsessed with the Little Mermaid. Shit, I have probably watched that movie well over 200 times. One time, I crawled through my babysitter's bathroom window (it wasn't a full scale 5 year old B&E, she was hoisting me) to retrieve it from her house, because my copy didn't work and she had one across the street at her house. That's how big of a deal Ariel was. So who could blame me that when this shirt popped across my screen the other day, I bought it faster than my fingers could input my credit card #? No one.

5. What is with all of the protein baking lately? I see so much of it on Instagram, blogs, pinterest, etc. So one morning I decided to give in and see what the hype was about and make myself some protein powder/egg white/banana pancakes. Save yourself the effort, they be nasty. So much so that I managed down half before I just had a case of the fuck-its and chucked the rest. They were so heavy I was slightly concerned they were going to fall through the garbage bin, but alas, they did fill me up. I guess if taste/texture/actual enjoyment isn't a factor, then they're perfect.

6. Does this post seem random to you? Yeah well, I have white cheddar popcorn (my new crack) in the kitchen at my office and I'm craving it badly. Problem is, my boss will see me get it, and he's also a popcorn fiend and truthfully, I just don't want to share it with him. So, I had the high hopes that this blog post would distract me. It did not, and I have now told the internet world that I am a little selfish.. I'm the baby child, it's in my blood.



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  1. OMG and it's liquid!! Michelle you just made my day! SO pumped right now!! :)