Monday 11 August 2014

Black & White

_MG_9230If you are to see me on any given day in the summer, I'm generally rocking white shorts. Which is ironic given I am not an overly clean and non-clumsy soul when it comes to, well, anything, but white shorts are my favorite. I own give or take, 5 different pairs. I saw these at Target for 50% off, and knew they had to be mine. How can you go wrong with black and white? Forever a classic in my books.
_MG_9236_MG_9238_MG_9228I was in a creative mood (and still obsessing about a statement necklace) so I grabbed some of my favorite pieces and played with them on my bed, rearranging, trying on, sending pictures to my stylista sister for approval, and then finally decided on one. "Are those spikes?! You look like, Egyptian or something" was the approval I got from that man of mine.. Doesn't sound like approval to you? Me either, but I just read between the lines.

_MG_9232Necklaces: top (here, also 3 other color options to choose from) middle (here) bottom: Good ol Tarjaaay (Target).

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