Friday 28 June 2013

Awkward & Awesome

Fotor0627161458Hey Pippy Long-Stockings, I like yo braided buns.


  1. ↑ my new favorite man-repeller hairdo. Why is it a man repeller? Well ladies, you add some cokebottle glasses to that mix and I am not getting asked for my number, lemme tell ya that much. Still, I love it & it is a much more fun way of concealing my greasy post-workout hair.

  2. Andy’s new nickname for me, brought to you by autocorrect, and it has stuck: Babar. Now we all remember who Babar is, right? Babar. :| I strangely like it, but only on days where my tummy is nice and flat.

  3.  Getting wine dumped on me (accidentally- though my elbows somehow took the blame..?), and then for the rest of the evening smelling like, well, red wine. Thankfully I was wearing black. But, do you know what red wine smells like on clothes? Bad breath & eggs. Oh yah, it was lovely.

  4. One arm being stronger than the other. How does this even happen!? This becomes very apparent during gym sessions and bicep curls, where my right arm will power through them, and I have to stare at my left arm, just willing the bicep to just. lift. the. WEIGHT. icy glares don’t work for it, apparently.

  5. I need a couple of items altered. Totally things I can do myself, and we have a sewing machine.. it’s just.. I don’t actually know how to thread it, or the bobbin. When I told my mom this in the company of Andy, he pipes up, “You don’t know how!? I do..” Let’s call that a housewife FAIL when your hubs can do that, and you cannot.

  6. Fastly entering sweaty season. I am from a family that sweats. Gross, awkward, socially unacceptable, gross. “Well, this has been a lovely conversation, but you’ll have to excuse me, I’m getting quite the glow on & see a fan with my name written all over it, so I’m just going to see how it’s doing..”

  7. My sister sent me a picture of my niece with her new hair do: she died the tips an amazing purple-ish blue. With that came the realization “I think my 8-year-old niece may be a bit cooler than me. If nothing else she is certainly braver than me.”


  1. Grocery shopping at Safeway, to have our littlest niece phone me and ask if I’m home, just because they drove past and she was wondering. She probably was more interested in where Andy was, but she phoned me, therefore naturally I win.

  2. On the same Safeway visit, have the cashier tell me “my husband” was in the other day, prepping for his boys’ weekend.. Felt pretty famous for a hot 5 minutes, like Brangelina.

  3. After a few – long – days without one, we replaced our smoothie blender. I have a seriously green smoothie every day, and after 3 days sans smoothie, I was worried about my scurvy chances. PHEW, dodged a big bullet there.

  4. It’s a long weekend. Temperatures in the High 30′s. Enough said.

  5. Discovering a stashed away makeup bag with bright, bold summer lip colors. It was like discovering magenta treasure.

  6. Andy saying to me, “I wish your office was busier, so that more people could see how good you {outfits} look.” → insert blushing face.

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