Thursday 5 September 2013

Currently Coveting some Muscle Tees, Please.

Fotor0905101611I've become a big fan of eating my words as of late. Big fan? That might be stretching it, but either way I've been doing it a lot, so I may as well enjoy it. What I mean is, I used to make fun of ex-boyfriends for cutting the sleeves of their tees to make muscle shirts, for some reason I just thought it was slightly douchey. (And on the wrong person, it still is mega douchey, but I digress). I'm all about muscle tees right now, they're super easy to outfit, they can add just enough edge to an outfit, and they're flattering. I've recently taken some scissors to a few t-shirts I was never going to wear because of the sleeves, and now I love them. To tone down a pretty feminine look, pair a muscle t with a pencil skirt and heels. Wear with some leather skinnies and chucks and daaaamn. My favorite though has to be underneath a blazer with skinny jeans and boots. Yowza. c600x620Well what is the point of this post? I'm going to the Eagles concert tomorrow in Vancouver (Woo Woooo!), and will be picking myself up a nice little band tee to DIY into a soft, worn-in muscle tee - stay tuned for the how-to on that. Fingers are crossed that they didn't decide to sell the lamest concert tees possible this time around. My dad will probably think it's blasphemous that I'm doing it to an EAGLES shirt, so I just won't offer to do the same for him.

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