Friday 27 September 2013

Random Musings

  • I don't care how old this song is, or how many (thousand) times I've heard it, whenever "What makes you beautiful" comes on, it is an instant mood lifter and makes me smile huge. Frig I love that song. Songza must know this, because sometimes they spoil me and play it twice in a playlist. Yesssss.

  • The new Vaseline spray & go commercial really bothers me. You know the one where the girl sprays herself with this Vaseline spray, and then gets dressed super fast? Well, she has a top knot in, and puts on a bowler hat. What the f-ck!?! WHY? Irrationally bothers me, clearly. So much so that I kind of refuse to watch it.

  • If you have yet to read this, oh my goodness you have to. It is legitimately laugh out loud funny. And the part about only rich people having a food intolerance? So true. Gluten has been welcomed back into my life with open arms. #BrokeGirlLife

  • If you kind of need a perk up, watch this. Jimmy Fallon has officially become my nighttime boyfriend, I can't go to sleep without watching him. Sesame Street AND Jimmy? Pure Gold.

  • I spent way too long infront of baked goods the other day at Target having an argument with myself over why I wasn't going to be buying them. It went a little like this: "Ohh! Cinnamon rolls! Those will be a tasty little treat for the next couple weeks".. "Who are you kidding, you're going to eat half today and half tomorrow, you're not buying them." You all know how it went. I felt really weird, until I walked past a woman comparing diaper prices to herself, way louder than me. And I felt a little better.

  • Yesterday I broke down and got a cinnamon bun, and I'll be damned if it was not the highlight of my day.

  • I keep setting my alarms on my iPhone with "inspirational" messages to motivate me to wake up and work out. And every morning, I laugh at my phone. Like, "Wakey Wakey, time to get up!" With a little sunny emoticon is supposed to do it. As IF, nighttime Brianne. bitch please

  • One and Only thing I miss about my old blackberry: The facepalm emoticon. How handy was that little guy?!

  • My new goal in life: When I am able to furnish my house with numerous items from Anthropologie, and actually be able to afford to do so, then my friends, I will have made it in life.

And that's all I got this week. Happy Friday!09fea9892bbd12207c0ec55054746d3a c47c27599b2e6e9f51333437fa7e8154 skinny 16744633c2231b3a63d906cbe7c0cadb

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