Friday 13 September 2013

I confess..

One of my favorite blogs to read, Don't Quote the Raven, posts these "I confess" posts from time to time, and they're hilarious. Mostly because she is hilarious. And I love her. So, to steal from her, I decided to let some out myself.

  • Sometimes (read: all the time), I drive with my mirror down so I can check myself out out of the corner of my eye.

  • Lying about liking country music brought me more personal shame than anything else I've done in the past little while.

  • When I have really inappropriate thoughts, and or really snide remarks in my head, I always look around to make absolutely sure that there are no mind readers around. Because that would be awkward.

  • I can be as irresponsible as I want, because no one else pays my bills but me.

  • As a result, I will be eating popcorn for dinner for a little while, because I mistakenly went boredom shopping at Target. Go in for a garbage bin, come out with a whole new closet. #LessonLearned.

  • For the first time in my life, I had to go fill up my 20 Gallon water jug and lug it up my never-ending "stairway to heaven" (affectionately titled), up into my house. All by myself.  25 minutes later, 4 pauses for breath and one "Well now what the f-ck do I do", and that sucker is good to go. And the next time I'm bribing someone to do it for me. Hey, all I needed to do was prove I could, all right?

  • I can't decide whether the person who parks beside me in my complex is genuinely nice, or would eat my face given the chance. His car tells me it's the latter.

  • What you call "Indian Summer", I call "Global Warming". And it freaks me the f-ck out.

  • How I stumbled across this piece of garbage I don't know, but WOW. No words. No, no, no. How did I manage to type out that sentence? With my college education, you sexist f-cks.

  • I say the eff word a lot. I know when and where to put it away, so I'm not sorry. baha

And I'm out.

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  1. Love this blog and Peace out to you Bree!