Thursday 5 September 2013

Random Musing & Thoughts

  1. Is there anything better than a good old-fashioned dish session with a bestie? Because I don't think there is. That shit is as good as therapy, but way more hilarious and much less appropriate. Especially now that they have little humans too, I just can't wait to see the awesomeness their genes created.

  2. I get to be a bridesmaid next summer beside all of my best girlfriends from High School, watching one of us tie the knot! Does it get much better than that?!

  3. I forgot how much fun it is to sing, and dance around in my house while doing boring things, like clean and do laundry. Or shower, or getting ready.

  4. I also re-discovered Songza. Heard of it? Download it now! The "NYFW Dance Party"/"Indie Kitchen Dance Party" playlists are making my life right now. And if you don't get ready in the morning to "Guilty Pleasures from the 80's & 90's", well my friend, you haven't lived.

  5. I got to have a full shopping day in Vancouver with my sister. I hadn't had one since the summer before High School started. My bank account acted accordingly, which is to say threw all caution to the wind and got down to party. In the battle of food vs. closet, closet won this round.

  6. Spent a whopping 24 hours in Vancouver, and discovered a few things: a) I love Vancouver so much, and every time I am there I just want to get lost and never come home. b) a homeless man rawring at me in my leopard harem pants and blowing me kisses made my week, and c) Music is amazing at the emotions it can evoke. Family Eagles Concert. To me, the Eagles remind me of my family; RV-ing, camping, just driving or dancing in the house. It brings me right back to those warm-fuzzy memories of us all together. Between the 5 of us, ages 23-61, we all had that "wow" moment at one point or another. Except, they didn't play my JAM until the second encore, and I was getting only slightly panicky. Hotel California, duh. Fotor09109582

  7. I love the sites theChive & theBERRY, but one thought constantly fills my mind. Girls send in half nudie shots to theChive; disclaimer - no judgement, whatevs girl, do your thing. BUT. You do know that you're sending an ass/booby shot, to the internet, where anyone can look at it, right? As in, do you know how many people go on those websites? I just imagine the day their Uncle Dwayne calls to tell them that they saw them on this website the other day. Like, really? I'd be mortified for the rest of my life.

  8. Also, the girls who strip down AT WORK and take a selfie. Come on. For that, I'm totally judging. You're bored at work? Go on facebook, like the rest of us.that is stupid

  9. SnapChat. Stupidest f-cking app EVER. And I think we all know I'm a fan of taking selfies. But seriously, if it's a great picture/video, who cares?! I'll never see it again after the allotted 10 seconds are up! I think this app was literally created for the sole enjoyment of teenagers - don't look so innocent, you know exactly why. So, the only way I actually enjoy it is the conversations I have with one friend (yo Kelso!), because they are hilarious. I would show you the double chin shots, but let's be real. I'm single, and still need a wee little dignity to show off. Fotor0910111952

  10. I did a coffee run at work today, and my boss requested a berry smoothie from Tim Hortons. It was all I could do to not lecture him on how there were, in fact, no berries whatsoever in it. #OrganicFoLife.

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  1. Breeezy girl ;) Always making me smile. xx. PS. Vancouver needs more of you. The babe count out here is UHHHMAZING!