Wednesday 13 November 2013

What I Wore Wednesday

There are probably only 2 things I enjoy about the really cold months: my birthday, and Christmas. Okay and the Starbucks Christmas drinks/cups, so I guess 3 things. Otherwise, cold weather turns me into a grump faster than anything. I really hate being cold. Especially when my feet get cold, then I'm just a write-off. But, every negative has a positive, right? Cold weather means that I can layer up, and have more fun with my outfits since it won't be too hot out to pile it all on. So there we go, one point in favor of the cold.


*ps. Dad, if you are reading this (which I'm sure you are because you are the best.. and yes I may be sucking up), I'm sorry for the hoop in my nose. Rest assured it will not be around when you're home and I see you in the flesh. <3
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