Friday 19 April 2013

How do you Bib?

I have been lusting over this Olivia Bib since it came out, but kept talking myself out of it. My sister finally said to me: "How many cheapo versions of it have you bought to try and replace it? Take the plunge already."- She's pretty good at convincing me to spend money, older sisters, I tell ya. Well, I am beyond stoked I listened to her, I want to wear it everyday! It is such a beautiful piece, and even though I don't actually own anything orange in my closet, it goes with so many of my clothes! Perfection, it was meant to be a part of my arsenal. Here are just two ways I've worn it, one super casual, & one for a night out for dinner with friends.

IMG_6815   Diptic{warning, this bib may make you feel saucy, it may be the camo pants though too}IMG_6814IMG_6813{Outfit Details.}

Outfit #1: Pants: GAP/ Tank: American Eagle/ Chambray: Roxy

Outfit #2: Tunic: RW&Co/ Leggings: Lululemon






  1. Love the Olivia bib! It is one of my fave S&D pieces :)

  2. Mine too! I want to wear it with everything, and I practically forget I have it on! Thanks for stopping by :)