Friday 26 April 2013

It's a closet overhaul, people.

What do you do, when everything you own, you hate? Okay, that may be exaggerating, I don't hate everything, but I had gotten to the point where my clothing didn't match my personality, does that make sense? My basics and "go to's" didn't work anymore, and I spent most of time frustrated because nothing I put on in my closet made me feel good anymore.

{STEP ONE: Purge}

Pretty basic, but when you have a bunch of stuff that is taking up space and no longer working, unfortunately you just got to let it free, no matter how much it hurts. And trust me, there were pieces that hurt to part with, more for the name that was on the tag, and sadly that was not reason enough to keep. So, be ruthless, this is not the time for sentimental feelings. Here was the formula I stuck to:

  • When did you wear it last? Did you feel comfortable in it?

  • Are you saving it "just incase I get skinny enough for it again"?

  • Are you keeping it "just incase this pattern/style/length comes in to trend again"?

  • Why don't you like this? Is it alterable?

Purging your closet is hard. Most cases, you need to enlist an unbiased party who is not going to go, "Ohh but it's so cute!! Are you sure you don't want to keep it?" I'm sorry, but these people are not helpful. My first choice would have been my sister because she is seriously cut throat about purging, but my next best thing was Andy, who couldn't care less that this color is so me, it's gone Bri, make peace with it.

**For those interested, I am selling some of these items, check out this fb album**

{STEP TWO: Establish "Clothing Identity" gameplan}

Thank God for Pinterest on this one! in order to re-establish what I wanted to have as basics in my closet, I did a couple things. 1) what was my "go-to" outfit lately that always makes me feel good? 2) When I see an outfit on pinterest or a blog that I like, what is it that I like so much? Is there a pattern to the outfits I'm liking, ie. what do they have in common with each other? 3) What items can I buy now that I can still wear throughout the summer and bring me into fall/winter?

This one is a bit difficult, but at the same time fun. I have come to a couple milestones in my life that need to be reflected in my wardrobe. 1) I am in a career now where my business attire needs to be last minute meeting/luncheon/client interview friendly, but versatile. While I had my fair share of "office friendly" stuff, I didn't have items that I would feel comfortable wearing to meet an important client or business rep, but I also didn't want to solely buy items that I could only wear to work. Also, with the launch of this blog, I am making a name for myself through what I wear and my personal style. How can I help others with their wardrobes when I'm not 100% on my own?


{STEP THREE: the fun part.}

Shopping! Well, "Re-Building" is a much more budget friendly way of putting that.


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