Wednesday 17 April 2013

Lovin' & Not so Lovin'

IMG_2675 IMG_2678


Let's start with the love, shall we? That's always more fun.

{LOVE} As if I need to point it out, my Stella & Dot order came in, and last night I couldn't wait to snap a few pics with them, horrible lighting or not (horrible lighting, this is the downside of your personal photographer working until well past 6!). To be honest, I originally wanted the turquoise version of these earrings, because turquoise is my go-to every time, but my sister convinced me to get the jade version and holy moly am I ever pumped, I LOVE them! I see me and the Jades conquering many, many outfits together. & the scarf? No words can describe the beauty, and SIZE of this sucker. It is huge. I am currently testing out every possible way to wear it, not limited to: skirt, dress, top, wrap, babushka, superwoman cape, etc. etc.

{NOT SO LOVE} As horrible, as shallow and as self-deprecating as this sounds, as I was going through the pictures we took last night, do you know the only thought that came in to my mind? "Okay we can't take pictures at that angle, I look too fat. OMG Why did I think this outfit would look good on me? I look like a whale!!" etc etc. Basically it was a hate fest on my body, and one that I try to really not do, but those annoying thoughts creep up whether you want them to or not. As I have said before, I am the master of taking a picture in the mirror, how to pose, my "angles". But when someone else has the camera in front of me, it is insecurity city, and I become the harshest, meanest critic of myself. Where am I going with this? I don't know, but I needed to let it out. So instead of focusing on the dark thoughts in my head, I will chalk it up to not so great lighting, and start fresh tomorrow. And for now, I am going to go back to lovin' on my new jewels ... & maybe stalking some more of my favorite fashion bloggers to see how they pose without looking like goofballs. ;)



  1. Michelle Little17 April 2013 at 05:20


    your are absolutely GORGEOUS! and you have a beautiful body! not everyone thinks stick thin is gorgeous... god gave you curves... so WORK EM'! We all have our 'days' where we feel yucky, but you are stunning...inside and out.

    I literally tell everyone about your blog and how much it and love your style, you can tell you are doing what you love! your passion shines through, keep it going!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    <3 -Michelle Little (used to be girard)
    Side note... love the earrings haha

  2. That's really sweet of you to say, and means a lot coming from you!! Hope to see you around soon, do you still live in Vernon?
    Bri <3