Tuesday 30 April 2013

pretty darn special.

My dad has always been a real hero of mine; I look up to him as someone who really works hard for everything he has achieved. I'm talking hard, people. I feel really proud and really honored to be "following in his footsteps" in my career path, and being mentored by him. Turns out, I really really love the world of insurance. Who knew!? Today, he gave me his briefcase, embroidered with "Lutz Financial", the business he built from the ground up 25 years ago. A hand-me down briefcase might seem like whatever to you, but to me, it is pretty darn special. It just feels like a good luck charm for my future, oh goodness how cheesy, but I really do mean it. I imagine filling it with client files, inspirational books on how to succeed in life, and pens. And lots of lipgloss & gum. Maaybe the odd People Stylewatch. IMG_8994thanks Dad, I love you.