Tuesday 6 August 2013

Fall 2013 Trends & What to Update, Part 1.

Fotor0805153820It's the most wonderful time, of the year. FALL Shopping. This is every girl's Superbowl. September Issues, Layers, Autumn Colors and Boots. If you are a layer loving queen, then the slow transition from Labor Day to Thanksgiving makes for some very fun ensembles. This fall we see some returns of old loves, even if you forgot you loved them - looking at you, turtlenecks.


Your closet needs these items. they're versatile, comfortable, and can be worn multiple times in all different capacities - casual, dressed up, office.

  • Long sleeved maxi (or short-sleeved, but sleeved none the less) - fabrics like cotton or jersey

  • Striped long-sleeved dress

  • Turtleneck

  • Harem pants

  • Coated pants

  • Black maxi skirt

  • Oxfords & Loafers

  • (Fake) Fur! I have a fur stole (sup, Grandma), and a fur vest I'm literally itching to wear.

  • Rich hues & Ornate patterns. Think tartan, brocade, floral; burgundy, navy, olive and mustard.

  • Brown leather ankle boots, preferably with a stacked heel or laces.

  • Structured Bag

Keep on Rocking:

  • Animal Print! (Thank God) this trend seems to never go out of style, it'll be a really sad day for me if and when it does.

  • Camo & Military Inspired Colors

  • White chucks

  • Bright hues, think cobalt, orange, emerald & pinks.

  • Crochet Cardigans & Tops

Below are a few mock-ups of the outfits I cannot wait to start wearing. August, feel free to fly by, I've got my sights set on Fall.

First up to make this transition easiest? Harem pants. On first look they appear to be chic sweatpants, but oh my they are so much more. They are the perfect amount of breezy casual to wear to a BBQ, but throw on a pair of killer heels and a silk blouse, and you're one fine-looking date. While these used to be worn high-waisted, trying wearing them lower on your hips with a structured jacket. Added bonus? They're so comfortable.



Next up? Turtlenecks! Fall is sweater season, and turtlenecks are equal parts elegant & comfortable. Note, this is not an excuse to bust out that Dickie you've had for years. That thing should be burnt. c600x514

c600x421 c600x480 c600x590

Next up, investment pieces to get you through the chillier temperatures!

Happy Shopping,



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