Thursday 22 August 2013

Sweat, baby, sweat.

I've had that song in my head for two days now. Do you know the one? Bloodhound Gang? Hopefully it gets in your head too, and I won't be alone in this. I'm generous like that.

Anywho, a commercial I saw yesterday pissed me right off. Why? Because the marketing is so blatantly misleading. McDonald's is trying to spin that they have a new "healthy" breakfast sandwich, because it's made with egg whites. First off: My ass those are real eggs, let alone egg whites. How do I know this? Because the last time I had a McDonald's breakfast, it was with someone who was allergic to eggs, and guess what? The sandwich didn't bother him whatsoever. So, what is actually in the eggs they're selling? Gross.

Second, if you're solely counting calories, then ya, have at er and eat that thing. If that's the case, eat a tablespoon of frosting for breakfast! You're still going to stay well under 200 calories, and it's tasty as all get out. But I think we're now getting to a point in our society where the actual health of the food is overriding the calorie count of it. Do you honestly think that McDonald's cares about the nutritional content of any of their food? Of course not! They want to make sure it lasts a long time, it can be made for super cheap, and it tastes good. The bottom line is they want to make money off of it, not contribute to the health of our society. They're not the only culprits though, all fast food is the same. GMOs, Chemicals, Fillers, they all use them, because then they can sell their food, for cheaper.

I used to be in the mindset that if you were skinny, you were obviously healthy. You were skinny! I used to smoke, eat McDonald's all the time, eat WalMart brand food, and think nothing of it. Because I was "skinny". Couldn't run to save my life and god forbid I actually had to lift something, but I was skinny. My health? I shudder now to think the chemical shitstorm I put my body through, and I'm scared to know about any lasting consequences that will come with being a young dummy.

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