Friday 23 August 2013

Items to buy this Fall

One of the best things about early fall is a lot of the clothes you already have can be worn still, whether you just add a sweater, tights, boots, you name it. It's still warm enough to get away with them, so you only need to add a few key pieces to continue the transition. c600x536

  1.  T-shirt maxi dress. You can wear it with a jean vest through til October, and then add boots, a scarf and a blazer for the colder months. Very versatile, very comfortable, and very necessary. I just got this one in black, and love it.

  2. Brown ankle boots. I don't think anything says Fall more to me than brown ankle boots. Why? I have no idea, but they just do. Wear them with your skinny jeans rolled up a cuff or two, underneath your maxi dress, with tights and a skirt, they're here to compliment you.

  3. Structured bag

  4. Blazer in a color that screams "Autumn is here!"

  5. Pleather Skater Skirt - or leather, if you're fancy like that.

  6. Fun pullover sweater. It's chilly, you need to bundle up a little bit; why not in a fun print? Bonus points if it's a "This pattern is so bizarre but it goes with everything" print

  7. Baseball Tee - You can dress it up with a blazer and a skater skirt, or you can go casual with jeans and your perfect ankle boots. It's a win win, and if you can't find any to suit your liking, the men's section ALWAYS has some good ones.

  8. Art Deco Statement Necklace. They spice up any outfit casual or dressy, and you can't sneeze in a store without seeing some form that should tickle your fancy.

And to make up for my lack of actual "what I wore" posts, here is a scattering of recent outfits: IMG_9073 ~Harem Pants worn around my hips. Feel like sweatpants, Look like trousers. Hellohhh.IMG_9098 ~Stripes! Cannot get enough. IMG_9175~The selfie inception.
IMG_9280IMG_9281~ The T-shirt maxi, your new BFF!

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  1. I love all your outfits and posts ......Where did you find your cute stripped skirt from ?? THANKS :-)