Friday 23 August 2013

Random Things Friday

  1. I have a job this weekend: Turn my house upside down looking for loonies and toonies to sponsor buying this sweater. Think I'll find $90 worth? Here's hoping, because I am in LOVE.

  2. The new McDonald's commercials that are somehow trying to convince their consumers that their new egg-white breakfast sandwich is healthy pisses me off so bad. Probably more than it should. Being an organic nut, I know that isn't healthy (or even EGG), so stop trying to re-word what you're really trying to say: People know we use chemicals to preserve all of our "food" so we can keep it forever and sell it cheap, so we're now covering our bums to take off some of the heat. Eat up! #Liars.

  3. The weather is cooling down and I am one happy little chicka, there are not enough days to wear all the outfits dancing around in my head.

  4. This commercial is absolutely hysterical. Hump Daaaay!

  5. Remember that amazing toner I talked about and how it smelled like a fruit salad? Well, I got the brightening face moisturizer recently, as well as their microdermabrasion scrub. My face is in Heeeeaven, and smells yummy enough to eat. I'm hooked. Check out their products here, you can find them at health food stores. If you see me and my delicious smelling face, don't bite, I bruise like a peach ;).

  6. And one final thought: always remember your worth, and know what you are bringing to the table is something unique, and special. Not one other person can be all the things that you are, so don't sell yourself short. Love yourself inside and out, because happiness attracts happiness. And we can all use a bit more joy in our lives, dontcha think?

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Happy Friday, you made it through another week! :)

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