Thursday 29 August 2013

Let's Hear it for The Boys


This one is a loong overdue post, please forgive me.

It should come as no surprise to any that I like a well-dressed fella. I don't mean wearing every label possible & visibly, or -shudder- bedazzled shirts (not now, not 4 years ago, not ever.). I mean, classy; well put-together, stylish, and sophisticated. I tend to gravitate more towards the slightly preppy, slightly hipster (slightly.), Hamptons-esque look. With the accessories (glasses, scarves, beanies, watches, etc.), colors, patterns and textures available to have fun with, allowing your personality to show in your clothes, while looking very sharp is not only 100% doable, it is so very easy. Just as pattern mixing and genre mixing works for ladies, the same goes for men: Have fun with what you are wearing, add layers, add pops of color or mix around with your textures. Give old jeans a new look by rolling them up once or twice and showing off your shoes; add a chunky scarf, sport some glasses. Have fun with it; don't be afraid to really get creative, funky, or done up. Gone are the days of fashionable men = gay men. You know who still believes that load? Guys who wear bedazzled shirts; can you say irony?! Below I've done a wee little collage of items I think every guy needs to own for this Fall season. The pieces are versatile, inter-changeable and neutral. And best of all? Easy to pair and work together, because you may be a fashionable dude already, but I know enough men in my life to know that you're not spending 20 minutes figuring out an outfit, you're doing a sniff & match test.

"Sniff sniff, yep this smells clean."..."Does this match? Pretty sure this matches." and you're done.


I can't be the only person who loves this look, but if I am, just humor me: Oxfords/Sneakers/Boat shoes and rolled up jeans (only one or two cuffs). Bonus points? Add some funky socks poking out. Not even necessarily funky, they can match the rest of the ensemble, add a pattern to a seemingly neutral outfit, whatever you want. I don't mean white athletic socks poking out; because nice try, but that doesn't count. I say try it out, if you fail miserably I will totally take all responsibility, but I don't think you'll have that issue. You know why? Because it looks hot.

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