Friday 14 June 2013

Awkward & Awesome



  • Andy working two jobs basically full-time, and seeing him only in the mornings before I go to work. Therefore I try to converse with him everything that happened the day before, upcoming events, you know, have a pow-wow. First thing in the morning. This doesn't work well when he phones me at 10 to say "did we talk this morning or did I dream that?"

  • Going to bed at 7:45 because said boyfriend will be working until midnight. I did this twice this week.

  • The lady who lives across the lane from us, waking me up every morning at 6:30 to her horking while having her morning ciggy. If that isn't an anti-smoking commercial, I don't know what is. Makes an excellently revolting alarm clock though.

  • My first appointment with my brand new (fairly handsome & YOUNG) Doctor was to discuss my lady bits. Ahh, excuse my face looking like a tomato when I have to say the V word, I'm just terribly uncomfortable right now.

  • The sushi guy giving me two sets of chopsticks because the amount of take-out I ordered could not possibly all be for me. Bonus? Two things of miso soup!

  • The courier lady at work also makes her own dog biscuits. The other day she was trying to convince me I could eat them too, because they're all "human" ingredients. "Oh yah, they're really good with salsa or dip!" "Really? what's in them?" "Oh you know, flour, eggs, PIG LARD, salt, etc." Umm, wow that sounds delish, but I think I'll just save them for the dog, thaaaanks.

  • Hearing a teeny "pop" from my microwave and opening it to see every little drop of tomato soup that was supposed to be for dinner is now coating the entire microwave. It looked like a tomato soup massacre in there.

  • Thinking in my head, not once, but twice this week, "Wow, what a long week, finally Friday!" and then the crushing reality settling in, "No no sweets, it would be a Tuesday." / "Wrong again little miss! It's Wednesday." Le sigh.


  • As much as I don't enjoy solo nights almost every night of the week, it has given me a chance to thoroughly get the most of our US Netflix. Liz Lemon from the start has been on constant repeat this week.

  • My first sleepover at a hotel/girls night out on Saturday. Okay, my first legal girl's night out/ sleepover at a hotel on Saturday. I've been planning my outfit all week, because I'm A) a hermit and don't get out much, and B) it's the funnest, duh.

  • When the back-up courier guy doesn't say "you too!" when I tell him to have a good day, so I make up a random voice and say it to myself. Not awesome because he's rude, awesome because I think I am preeettay funny.

  • Falling asleep to a rainstorm outside. My favorite

  • Andy responding with "Wendy!?" (my mom) when I texted him that he should give himself a "pat on the back for a job well done". I would take this as him saying I'm an old fart, but my mom is awesome, so it's high praise to me. Thaaanks, dude!

  • He hates it when I call him dude, which only makes me want to more.

  • It's Friiiiday.

BONUS Awkward: When boys have long hair, and have somehow NAILED the "I didn't try but it looks so damn perfect" top knot. And the most annoying thing? They probably just mushed their hairs together and wrapped an elastic around it, while I spend a good 10 minutes trying to accomplish the same feat, and failing. Share your SECRET, gentlemen!!

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