Friday 21 June 2013

Awkward & Awesome

Fullscreen capture 62113 100553 AM.bmp {This outfit isn't awkward. This outfit is comfier than your grandma's "sink into it and never get out" sofa. You know the one. No, not the one covered with plastic. Right, the other one; the one probably filled with 50 years of dustbunnies. You're welcome.}


  1. This scenario, playing out multiple times: "Oh my goodness I love that skirt/maxi! oh wait. high-low. ugh. nevermind".. All I'm saying is, can we stumpy-legged girls have the full version as an option? To you long-legged wonderwomen that this trend looks great on: ya ya, good for you. I'll just be in the corner, bitter. 

  2. Hashtags on Facebook. I don't know why, but I'm not down.

  3. Biffing it up the stairs and doing the paranoid, bug-eyed, "did anyone catch that?" look around, and pretending to laugh when you realize someone did. Wasn't that funny how I just ate shit so hard? Man I am so glad I didn't have to experience this awesome moment alone. Oh look! My shin is bleeding too! SCORE.

  4. When I try to be super sly about buying new clothes and try to hide it from Andy, so I leave the receipt and bag in my car, but somehow don't think that the price tag being left on the bed would be a dead giveaway. I would make the worst spy. 

  5. North West. WHY. I. Just. CAN'T. Kanye, stick to music, don't become a professional baby namer. Kim, I'd say stick to your dayjob, but what is it that you do, really?


  1. "Hi, my name is Brianne."..."Yah, I know you! You write that blog! I love reading your posts!" UMMM this is the best. THE BEST. If I look super awkward when you say this to me, it's because I'm embarrassed.  But on the inside? High fives and confetti are happening. Seriously. This is the coolest feeling in the world. 

  2. When I forget to type the "r" in something and when I read it back, I say it in a Boston accent. "Kind Regads". just read that in the Boston accent: Kind Regaahds. If you don't find it as hilarious as I do, well.. it's probably because you're cooler than me. Congrats.

  3. Getting ID'd, but not having two pieces, and then having to convince the person at the liquor store that I'm seriously over 19. "no, no really, look at my forehead when I frown! 18 year old faces don't do this!" And them going, "okay..... fine" side-eye. I just showcased that my face is not as smooth & perky as an 18 year old, and you still aren't buying it? I could just kiss you, Donna, I could just kiss you.

  4. Farmer's Market. Especially when it's raining and you are the only one there, so you can just pull right up to the stand. Practically drive-through organic, local food? Ka-Chiiing!

  5. Andy is away this weekend on a "Boys 30th Birthday Weekend" and this is my plan for the evening.

  6. fridaynight


  1. Michelle Little21 June 2013 at 02:13

    I am loving every minute of your blog, it kicks some serious ass.

    I'm totally treating myself to some Brizzestyles shopping in Ktown for my Bday... its in March haha, but already counting the days

    Kind Regaahds......


  2. Umm yes you certainly are! I think it is high time we got together again anyways! Looking forward to it already dahhhling ;)