Wednesday 26 June 2013

Junuary in the Okanagan.

_MG_5090_MG_5087  _MG_5102Fotor0625213217{Hoping and praying to hair gods that my hair doesn't frizz out & pouf on me before we get to our destination.}

Somehow I always forget that June kind of sucks here in the Okanagan. It's rainy, but hot, therefore muggy too, where you always feel.. sticky. Gross. I shouldn't complain, because soon it will be so hot here I'll want to sit in a cooler most days. And also, everything gets really green and fresh, and it feels like I'm living on the Island. On days like this, a maxi dress hides all, and remains comfortable. To make it more of my own, I wore it backwards, so that the deep-v became a chic little back draping.

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