Thursday 27 June 2013

Gossip Girl Here.

Were any of you as in love with the book & then the TV show Gossip Girl as I was? The fashion, the drama, the cattiness, all in the streets of the Upper East Side? I mean really, what wasn't to love. Well I have been really discovering the goodies that Netflix has to offer, including the whole GG series! Now, if you did watch it as loyally as I did, including watching the series finale (which BLEW my mind), watching it now from the beginning and knowing who Gossip Girl actually is, is so surreal. BUT what else came back full force was my absolute infatuation with New York. I have always loved New York and used to nurse this fantasy that I would end up living there (even though I'm am the most nervous person in big cities, ever.), and maybe I would do a run or twelve on Broadway, before I got mega rich and famous, and started my road to EGOT (any 30 rock fans in the house?). It has long been a goal of mine to go to New York once every season - at least. But for starters, at least 4 times, to experience Springtime strolls in Central Park, Summertime sweating in Brooklyn - it seems fitting, Autumn watching the leaves fall, and spending my Winter birthday skating underneath all of the lights at Rockerfeller Center, finished with a hot chocolate at Serendipity. In my opinion, New York is one of the most romantic cities in the world. I think I'd have to be sedated on the way there, or else my head might literally burst from excitement.

But now, back to Gossip Girl. It's not very hard to see why a fashion lover would enjoy this show: the fashion and styling is to die for. The glitz & glamour in every look has definitely been inspiring me lately to amp up my own looks, if not just for the sheer enjoyment you get from feeling a little extra glam in a ho-hum setting. Studying the two main girls, I'd like to say if you mixed up their styles, I'd be the hybrid. Serena has the perfect free-spirited, boho goddess look down, but for me it's almost a bit too chaotic and at time feels messy, where Blair is so put together and prim, it's too stuffy. Two very diverse style personalities. Now that I'm watching these back with a more fine-toothed comb eye, I feel like they did this to really cement the differences in the two bffs, and how opposites really do attract. One thing I love about both characters though, is the use of color. Blair is very much preppy and chic, though she uses bright colors and bold prints. Serena has a very 70's vibe to her, but I don't think the girl ever met a sequin or sparkle she didn't like.


On a finishing note, two things also came to mind while watching the series premiere (from 2007): 1. Dan Humphrey trying to convince his dad that "this new thing called MySpace" will help re-launch his band into mega stardom. LOL. sorry, RIP MySpace. Also, R.I.P Cute, normal looking Jenny Humphrey, aka Cindy Lou-Who, aka Taylor Momsen. Taylor-Momsen-Before-After-276x300


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