Wednesday 12 June 2013

in which I'm learning my camera.

Boy oh boy DSLR's are finicky little creatures aren't they? Pinterest is yet again my best friend, taking me to numerous blogs and sites that help me A) understand the jargon used, and B) what settings are going to give me the result I want. It's a slow moving process, but I am determined to make the absolute most of this sucker. Well, I did invest in a fun new telephoto lens, and thank goodness for Spring/Summertime in the Okanagan, because my "subjects" are endless. And much to Andy's dismay, I am already saving up for my next lens.. Looks like I'll need to sell more clothes! And or my right arm, because holy smokes are those puppies priceeyIMG_4098 IMG_4099  576682_10151491220925787_1232201702_n 401009_10151491220805787_86729991_n935743_10151491220810787_1875841120_n

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