Tuesday 18 June 2013

What goes around comes around.

Growing up, my sister was always my trendsetter. Being that she is 12 years older, I naturally idolized her (still do), and would try to emulate whatever she was wearing. We were texting a while ago, and I told her that what she used to wear in high school, is what is considered trendy today, albeit more in the "hipster" scene, but 90's grunge is definitely back, in a big way. I mean, mom jeans are no longer "nasty mom jeans". They are "let me cut them off and now they're wicked high-waisted shorts!" jeans. Combat boots are the new version of Doc Martens, and 80's hair band tees have never been more popular. So, you'll imagine I had to pick my jaw up off the ground when I saw the latest thing: sweaters/jackets/flannel tied around your waist. I mean, seriously!? I could find about a million and one family hike pictures where I'm sporting my pink and neon windbreaker around my waist, and this is cool again? Fotor0618153716You know what? I'm so down with it, I really am. Functional? Yep. Unexpected? Totally. And in the oddest way, pretty chic. I mean, really, how can you go wrong? Who likes carrying their jacket around when it's too hot anyway? I know I certainly don't. Welcome back waist cinching, you've been missed without me even realizing it.

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