Tuesday 11 June 2013

Two Ways Tuesdays: Neon Edition

twoways{this skirt is four years old. I would like to say I bought neon before neon was "in" again, so ya know what? i'm going to.}

For Day: Treat it like you would any other jean skirt or jean shorts. Pair it with a neutral top, to keep the color the focal point of the outfit, keeping it bright but not make you look like Rainbow Bright. This baseball tee is one of my absolute favorite items in my closet, it goes with everything, including my lovely converse sneaks ;)

For Night: Nothing classes an outfit up quite like a blazer does. Since this skirt is on the shorter side and I'm showing enough leg, I wore my looser cut boyfriend blazer and a white sleeveless button up, paired with my trusty leopard belt to give it a bit more oomph, but not so much that the two accents are competing. A nude neutral clutch, some heels and you are good to go!

Ahh, this skirt. Another little gem I decided to resurrect. As a non-color person, neon scares me. "How the eff do you match it!?" "Good lord it's so LOUD" "Ahh, too much."... So, the fact that I even own this skirt, or managed to not throw it out has always baffled me. I do love the style of it, so maybe that's why it's survived so far.. but then, THEN. Sunday night, I'm in bed and for some reason I thought of this silly skirt. So, I hopped out of bed to try it on and you know what happened? "Holy smokes, I look TANNED!". And thus, it has become an "old item, new love" favorite for this summer. This is why I never get rid of anything, because ya never know. 

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