Friday 28 June 2013

Just add a little denim.

_MG_5514-001I've been pretty slow to get to the denim top party; But now that I'm here I am seriously making up for lost time! In two months I have acquired a chambray shirt, jean jacket, and now this vest. Is there anything a denim top won't go with!? They really add just enough to an outfit, to both play it down, complete the look, everything. I'm in love. This vest has been my most recent addition, and with it I think I am complete (minus this delicious chambray shirt from Madewell I've been eyeing up, sigh if only my bank account agreed with me. - it doesn't)._MG_5491Fotor0627215330-001   ~ blog post photos must be taken seriously. at. all. times. ;)_MG_5534I have a feeling I will wear this vest constantly this summer; I already have about 7-8 outfits ready to go with it. Also, have I made it extremely obvious by now that leopard & stripes are my favorite patterns to pair together? such love.


  1. denim vests are my summer staple and must wear daily! I am seriously obsessed with mine. You look adorbs!


  2. Ahh mine too! It was actually your posts that determined that I sincerely needed one in my closet, I was on the fence before and saw yours and was like, yep this needs to happen ;) Thanks for the inspo!!