Thursday 27 June 2013

I'm what I'd like to call a Bargain Hunteress.

Can I share a teeny secret with you all? Just a wee little insider thing: I really like shopping. A lot. BUT, I am also cheap. Many reasons have brought me to where I am in my cheapness now, to just name a few:

  1. Starting when I was... 8? My dad made my brother and I keep ledgers marking down every purchase we made, and we had to balance it with him at the end of every week. 

  2. My parents are investment planners, and now I am too. It's like "Budget" is my middle name.

  3. I have maxed out a credit card.. twice.. therefore I no longer have one, because I clearly cannot be trusted. Maxed out twice and I still consider it to somehow be "free money". no VISA for you!

  4. Mostly putting myself through round of school while not living at home. Wal-Mart & I were serious hombres for a while there.

  5. I have Murphy's Law luck. What I mean by this is if I was to go and drop a good couple hundo today on a shopping spree, tomorrow my water tank would burst. I just don't feel like tempting the fates too badly.

So, even though I really enjoy shopping, I rarely pay for something full price, unless it is for a decent amount. Most of the time, I am elbows deep in the sales rack - ESPECIALLY at the Gap; their sale markdowns are unreal sometimes. So for the past year or so, I have been almost exclusively getting my shoes from Aldo. On clearance.  The closest Aldo store to me is 45 minutes away, but on the online store, you can not only pay through your bank account, shipping is free! It's cheaper for me to buy online than to drive to Kelowna, so that right there is a bonus. My rule of thumb for buying clearance, is when I get the comment "Yah but they're last year's style, they're not 'in' anymore." Well, if your shoes are so trendy that they aren't going to last you into another season, you shouldn't be investing that much in them anyways. This last trip, I got three pairs of gorgeous pumps, two that I have had my eye on forever, all for $90. Best part? Originally, all three of them were $90 each.  Now that, is a purchase you can feel good about.Fotor0627172111

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  1. Girl, how do you shop online sans credit card? That's why my card IS so damaged! By the way I love your blog :)